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About me
Patryk Gryniewicz

Photographer, Cinematographer and Film Editor. I work in field of commercial and art photography. I love working with talented people whose passions I can depict, transform and pass to others. I can help you to get to know yourself through my work. I am enthusiastic and professional in my work. Ph: +48 531 703 241 e-mail:

My Videos

I am managing the image (camera operator) and editing the film both artistically and commercially. I offer full video productions as well as editing from the material provided by the customer. I am open to photo and film editing projects.


clothing company advertisement  ,,SOBIES” 

Promotional film  ,, wine caps NZ ” 

All project made for in New Zealand special for the Air New Zealand Wine Awards

Trailer – horror movie

Producer by: Piotr Os

Cinematography: Patryk Gryniewicz

Toastmasters Conference New Zealand

Promotional video Toastmasters Conference New Zealand

We would like to answer ,,Why is good to enjoy at Toastmasters Conference?”

Short film with music:  “TOGETHER”

This was amazing adventure, sleeping in the tent, geting up early in the morning and being close with horses. The film shows a week spent in the countryside. Director and Pictures: Patryk Gryniewicz

Trailer of documentary film “PATALEJOWO”


It is a film about a man who does what he loves, lives his life and in my opinion is worth of following, watching and showing.

This short documentary film was created as part of diploma thesis at AFA Wroclaw School of Photography. The first show took place during the vernissage in Dolnoslaskie Center of Photography Romanski House in Poland on 14th June 2016.

Comprehensive video making : Patryk Gryniewicz.

“SYNESTEZJA” Trailer medium-length movie 

“Synestezja” – Joint project

A young, aspiring painter goes through creativity crisis which makes him trying extreme experiments to renew his relationship with art.

Director: Kamil Bukłaha. Film editor: Aneta Bratkowska. Cinematographer: Patryk Gryniewicz.

The group of disabled ,,Together to Summits”

Film of the trip to the summit of Śnieżka (1603 m) together with people with disabilities as part of the project ,, Together to Summits”.

Short film with music “The Windmill”

The film, which was rewarded 3rd place at the Accordion Festival in Cracow. The task was to visualize one of the accordion tracks. Director: Kaja Wolak. Cinematographer : Patryk Gryniewicz.

Wedding in the mud ! – videoclip session

Promotional video for The band “L&G”

Promotional film of people passion and commitment, the team consists of 5 people, experience their energy.

Pictures: Patryk Gryniewicz, Patrycja Stachow.  Film editor: Patryk Gryniewicz

Editing Video for TV

Swój trudny los postanowili przekazać w postaci filmowego dokumentu. Bezdomni mężczyźni z wrocławskiego schroniska im. św. Brata Alberta kręcą filmy odzwierciedlające ich niełatwe życie.


“25years marriagee” – Indian videoClip”